What is Ice & Water Barrier and Why is it Important?

Ice & Water Barrier is a Necessity to Prevent Leaks and Ensure Your Roof Functions Properly

Ice & Water barrier is exactly what it sounds like: a barrier to stop the penetration of water. The technical definition is an asphalt saturated, self-adhering product that seals around the roofing nails. This barrier has a stretch to it and that is why is it able to seal around the nails that are driven into it. This barrier is necessary to prevent leaks in situations of excess water such as in valleys, around pipes and chimneys, under step flashing and around the roof edge.

Installed along eaves, valleys, around pipes and chimneys, and under step flashing.

The name listed on estimates with warranties is WINTERGUARD® and for non-warranty jobs it is listed as “Ice & Water”. This is the same product but the WINTERGUARD® is the name of CertainTeed’s warrantied product and ice & water barrier is the generic version. Ice & Water barrier is not code for the state of Kansas or Nebraska. The code requirement is dependent on the city, but it is our standard procedure to install this product on warranty and non-warranty jobs.

When are Two Courses of Water & Ice Barrier Needed?

Some roofs require a double course of Ice & Water. One instance where a double course of Ice & Water is required is when you have an eave that exceeds 24 inches. This is because it increases the distance enough between the Ice & Water barrier and the area just inside the wall of your house where ice damming can occur.

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