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Yes, we have both worker’s compensation and liability insurance. Feel free to ask for our certificate of insurance.

The best way is to call a professional and have them assess your current roof. While we are inspecting your roof, we will assess the overall condition of the roof and the individual components such as your flashing, pipe boots, ventilation, etc. After the assessment we will recommend the best course of action.

If there is a severe weather event and you suspect there may be damage to your roof, call us for an inspection! You can call your insurance company and have your adjuster come inspect the roof. However, if the damage is minimal having us inspect the roof first could save you from opening a claim.

We will not know for sure until we assess the roof. Sometimes a repair can be done instead of a full replacement to temporarily extend the life of your roof. Call us today for a quote!

We inspect the quality and life of the shingles, number of layers currently installed on the roof, the type of shingles currently on the roof, quality of roof deck, flashing, head metal, side-wall, ventilation, chimneys, roof pitches (to make sure nothing shingled is below 4:12), arears of concern to the customer, as well as any areas that an addition or add on has cause a unique roof slope.

We offer two kinds of CertainTeed shingles, Landmark PRO and Northgate. Landmark PRO is a class 3 impact resistant shingle, but price wise it is comparable to most other shingles. Our Northgate is an SBS modified class 4 impact resistant shingle that can have insurance benefits. Both can be registered for a warranty as long as ventilation and roof deck qualify.

We offer an unlimited workmanship warranty as long as Specialty Roofing continues to do business, we stand behind our work. We also register your roof with a CertainTeed SureStart Warranty if your roof deck and ventilation qualify for an additional fee.

Roof completion times can vary, but typically are completed within 1-2 days.

Roofing costs vary greatly depending upon the type of material used and the number of repairs needed. Call us today for a free comprehensive estimate!

Contractor grade shingles that we DO NOT install tend to only last 15 years whereas we expect our Landmark PRO shingles to last closer 20 years and our Northgate to last 25 years. However, weather can and will cut down on the life of any shingle or roof product.

We often replace gutters along with roofs. Especially if they are attached with spikes or installed with roof straps. If your gutters are newer and installed with hidden hangers, we have a process to remove the gutters hangers only and install new gutters apron the correct way. If you have multiple areas with issues and if your gutters are past 50% life (10-15 years old) it may be time to consider replacement.

In short, no. We find roofs that have more than one layer are more susceptible to wind damage and a reduced life. As well as flashing problems that cause leaks. Please click here and view more information about this topic on our blog.

CertainTeed shingles stick down very quickly. Generally, we like to see sunny and around warmer weather in the short-term forecast in the short-term forecast. However, if your new roof does not stick down we stand behind our workmanship and have ways of making them stick if any problems occur.

We do our best to clean up and run a magnet over the yard and driveway. We will always miss a few if you feel like there is an excessive amount, we would like the opportunity to come back and go over it again.


You will need to call your insurance company and make a claim. Once they send you their estimate please email it us so we can compare and see if supplementation is needed.

Insurance payments are based on what your insurance company decided if there is damage. This process is started by calling your agent to open a claim. Once a claim is opened an adjuster will come inspect the roof and payment will be made according to their loss report. Click here to check out our blog with more information on this topic.

If we find more damage, we will work with your insurance company to get supplementation where we feel it is needed. Keep in mind that they will not always pay for everything.

Unruh Seamless Guttering

The main reason is to divert water away from the house to prevent erosion, stop dirt splattering onto walls, and in the long-term foundation issues.

Sometimes we can repair gutters to temporarily extend their life. Issues such as leaky miters are hard to fix temporarily because of the debris that has gathered over time. If you have multiple areas with these issues and if your gutters are past 50% life (10-15 years) it may be time to consider replacement.

Check out our gutter tab to view available colors. Click here.

Guttering cost vary depending on size of house/building. Call us for a free quote today!

Most gutter job take half a day to a full day depending on how complex the job is.

When thinking about climbing on a ladder even once a year to clean your gutters sounds like too much leaf screens are a great solution.